DIY Rhinestone Flats

DIY Rhinestone Flats See Song Designs

I am a huge DIY fanatic, so I thought I would start sharing some DIY projects every once in awhile on the blog! I got these great emerald green flats on clearance from Old Navy for only $11, and I decided to spruce them up with a couple of leftover rhinestones. There’s lots of room to be creative with this project, and this is a very easy DIY that makes any pair of shoes look new and expensive!

Here is what you will need:

A pair of flats (similar here and here)
E-6000 glue or another heavy duty glue
Rhinestones with sew on settings (I got mine at JoAnn’s Fabrics in the beading aisle but similar ones are here and here)
Pen or thin marker
Business card or piece of cardboard

First arrange your rhinestones how you would like them on your flats.

Then use a pen or marker to mark the center of each of your rhinestones on the flats to know where to glue your rhinestones.

Put a little glue on your business card or cardboard and use a toothpick to apply enough glue to cover the back of your rhinestones.

Carefully place your rhinestone on the shoe where you had previously marked your design.

The glue will dry in about 10 minutes and it will cure completely in about 24 hours. This project took me around 20 minutes to complete, and now I just want to glue rhinestones onto everything I own 🙂

DIY Rhinestone Flats See Song Designs

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