DIY: Making Inspirational Quote Prints with PowerPoint

I recently moved to a new apartment in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, and I have been trying to find cute yet economical ways to decorate my home office. I love the look of a gallery wall, but with the number of frames and art work you need it can get pretty pricey. I’ve been seeing some adorable inspirational quote prints online, and I thought I would try to make my own. With this easy DIY you can make your own prints for nearly nothing and then you can just frame them up for a fab gallery wall!

Here is the current state of my office with a few DIY quote prints

Here is the current state of my office with a few DIY quote prints

No Photoshop? No problem!  Since I studied business in college, I’ve learned to manipulate PowerPoint for all sorts of projects besides presentations. One of the most fun things I’ve learned is how to make fun and inspirational quote prints to decorate my walls. Most computers should have PowerPoint, and if you have Microsoft Word, you most likely have PowerPoint.

I’m using the PowerPoint for Microsoft Office 2010, but most of the menus should be the same for the earlier version as well.

Pick your favorite quote and open up PowerPoint. The best part about making these prints is that you have full range to customize whatever you would like. Depending on which way you want your print to hang, select if you want your layout to be portrait or landscape. In this case, I’m going to change it to portrait.


To help keep everything aligned, go up to the View menu, and check whichever options will help you most. I’m going to check ruler and gridlines.


Now all you have to do is type out your quote. I like to separate the quote by the words in to separate text boxes. If you want to adjust all of the words at the same time just use the shortcut Ctrl A to select all of the words and then you can change the font and font sizes all at once. Arrange how you want your quote to look and you can utilize the gridlines to get everything aligned. I’m going to center all of my words in a vertical format and make the font size larger as you go towards the bottom of the print.

I downloaded the font for this print from It’s super simple, and then you just have to follow the directions on the site to pick a unique font.  Just remember what the name of the font was or you won’t be able to find it in your font list later.


To add color to you words, select the word(s) you want to change and click on the Format menu and then the Text Fill button. If you don’t see the color you want, click on More Fill Colors. You can select the Standard or Custom Tab to find your colors. I decided to go for an ombre look with my colors, so I chose a light blue to start off with.


For my next word, I clicked on the Text Fill button again and changed it to the same light blue color (under Recent Colors) and then clicked on More Fill Colors again. This will give me the same chart with where my first color started, so I can just go down the gradient on the left to get a darker color with each word.


print steps

Now, just go to the Main Menu button on the top right and click Save As and name your file and then make sure for Save as type, you select JPEG or PNG. Once you have your print saved, you can just print it out yourself or you can upload it to Walgreens or CVS and get it printed on photo paper to be picked up. Just note that depending on the resolution of your picture that printing really large sizes may not look that great. I’ve printed 8×10 prints, and they look just fine. Just realize that you may need to crop your print a bit to fit the standard photo sizes.

All done!

All done!

I bought IKEA NYTTJA frames since they were the cheapest, and I used Command Poster Strips to hang the frames. No nails for this apartment renter 🙂 So go ahead and make your own inspirational quote print, and you can definitely customize further with shapes and more colors! Endless Mean Girls and Bridesmaids quotes await…

This brings a smile on my face every time I walk past it

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