Simply Stylist Chicago

Simply Stylist is coming to Chicago on Saturday, June 8th, and I am so happy to announce that See Song Designs will be a part of this fabulous event! Simply Stylist is a company dedicated to connecting consumers with top tier designers, stylists, and tastemakers in the fashion and beauty industry. Simply Stylist has held their successful networking event in New York and Los Angeles, and this is the very first time that Simply Stylist will be in Chicago.

Attendees will get the chance hear from prominent beauty and fashion panelists which include Catt Sadler, host of E! News, Corri McFadden, founder of eDrop -Off, and Jacey Duprie, blogger behind Damsel in Dior, to name a few. After the panel discussions, Simply Stylist will be holding an exclusive beauty and fashion shopping event where you can shop See Song Designs’ Spring/Summer collection along with other brands. The shopping event also includes the opportunity to be styled by celebrity stylist and president of Rad & Refined, Jacqueline Rezak. Guests will also have the chance to get complimentary manicures from LVX and blowouts from Blowtique. This is going to be a major event, and if you love fashion, beauty, and networking, you cannot miss Simply Stylist in Chicago. Visit the Simply Stylist website to learn more about the event and be sure to get your tickets to this amazing event!

Simply Stylist Panelists

Simply Stylist Panelists

Recap: Pop-Up Shop at Langford Market

A few weeks ago, I held a Pop-Up Shop at Langford Market in Lincoln Park. It was the store’s 1st Birthday, and I was so happy that See Song Designs could be a part of the celebrations. Mimosas were flowing and there were yummy cake balls to munch on. Of course, there was lots of cute clothes and jewelry galore. Check out some snaps from the event below. I was able to get a really cute chevron dress from the boutique, which I of course wore for the event as well 🙂

IMG_4070 IMG_4073 IMG_4076 IMG_4078 IMG_4079 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4094 IMG_4097 IMG_4122 IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4138 IMG_4155 IMG_4159 IMG_4149 IMG_4144

Recap: Mom’s Weekend at the University of Illinois

A few weeks ago, I was down at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to participate in the Mom’s Weekend Craft Fair. I went to U of I for 5 years, and I got both my undergraduate and graduate degrees there. I’m a pretty die hard Illini fan, and most of my family also went to U of I as well.  Since it was Mom’s Weekend, I figured it would be fitting to bring my mom down with me to help out, and we had a really great time doing the craft fair as well as visiting our favorite campus establishments. Some of my favorite memories were from U of I, and it was great to meet students at the craft fair creating college memories of their own. I was crazy busy all day, and it was wonderful. The best sellers were the Woven Chain and Crystal Bracelets, and I nearly sold out of all of them!. All in all, it was a great experience, and I can’t wait to come back and visit again 🙂

The SSD booth at the University of Illinois Mom's Weekend Craft Fair

The SSD booth at the University of Illinois Mom’s Weekend Craft Fair

I couldn't resist taking a picture on the beautiful green quad.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture on the beautiful green quad.


They had free pictures at the bookstore, so of course my Mom and I hopped on that :)

They had free pictures at the bookstore, so of course my Mom and I had to get one 🙂

Recap: Shop the Night Away at the Bedford

Last month, I participated in this great shopping event at The Bedford called Shop the Night Away. It was a wonderful shopping event inside the parlor of the Bedford that included champagne and yummy appetizers. I thought the Bedford was a great venue to host a mini trunk show since it’s just so classy and has a nice relaxed feel.  There were also some amazing vendors including Jojo & Sofia and Bonnie Body & Bath. I love doing these types of events and meeting other great handcrafted artists. The only downside (if you could call it that) to doing the event was that I simply couldn’t resist buying things from the other vendors! In the end, it was absolutely worth it, and I was able to meet some great people and pick up a pair of cuff links for my boyfriend and these amazing smelling soy body candles.

All of the vendors at the Bedford event!

All of the vendors at the Bedford event!

My boyfriend and I at the SSD table :)

My boyfriend and I at the SSD table 🙂

Get SSD Jewels Through Obaz!

I’m so excited to announce that See Song Designs can now be bought through Obaz! Obaz stands for “Online Bazaar,” and I like to think of them as a Pinterest that actually sells what you click on. They curate all sorts of items from clothing to jewelry to home goods, so you can shop for everything you may need on one website. They also have a great feature where you can create Look Books or browse other Look Books to get lots style and design inspiration.

Obaz also hosts lots of sales and discounts for each independent designer, so you can discover new and unique items for a great deal.. Make sure you check out the See Song Designs Obaz page and keep an eye out for exclusive See Song Designs and Obaz sales.  Check out some of my favorite items from Obaz below!

Mini Shoulder BagFloral Sunnies

Art Deco Clutch

Witty Word Prints White Heart Cutout Dress Tiffany Blue Macarons

DIY Rhinestone Flats

DIY Rhinestone Flats See Song Designs

I am a huge DIY fanatic, so I thought I would start sharing some DIY projects every once in awhile on the blog! I got these great emerald green flats on clearance from Old Navy for only $11, and I decided to spruce them up with a couple of leftover rhinestones. There’s lots of room to be creative with this project, and this is a very easy DIY that makes any pair of shoes look new and expensive!

Here is what you will need:

A pair of flats (similar here and here)
E-6000 glue or another heavy duty glue
Rhinestones with sew on settings (I got mine at JoAnn’s Fabrics in the beading aisle but similar ones are here and here)
Pen or thin marker
Business card or piece of cardboard

First arrange your rhinestones how you would like them on your flats.

Then use a pen or marker to mark the center of each of your rhinestones on the flats to know where to glue your rhinestones.

Put a little glue on your business card or cardboard and use a toothpick to apply enough glue to cover the back of your rhinestones.

Carefully place your rhinestone on the shoe where you had previously marked your design.

The glue will dry in about 10 minutes and it will cure completely in about 24 hours. This project took me around 20 minutes to complete, and now I just want to glue rhinestones onto everything I own 🙂

DIY Rhinestone Flats See Song Designs

Tied with a Bow

I just absolutely love bows. I grew up with bows, and I have always had them incorporated into my life in one way or another. My mom and aunts are professional bow makers (yes, that is a profession) for my godmother’s company Bows Arts. They sell handmade children’s hair bows to retailers like Brooks Brothers and Neiman Marcus. Bows have always been a part of my life, and they’re pretty much a symbol of my family and childhood.

Some of my favorite pieces from the See Song Designs collection are the bow bracelets. My mom and I work together to make these bracelets, so the process of making them is really special to me. It’s great to work with my mom, and it’s fun to see the end result once we’re done. My mom knows a lot about colors and what colors will be in season, so it’s really great to incorporate her knowledge into my jewelry collection. The bow bracelets are one of my best sellers, and it makes me really happy to know that people enjoy something that is a product of our collaborative hard work and creativity. Here are some of my favorite bow pieces for the holidays:

Sparkly glitter bow bracelets are perfect for the holidays and New Year's Eve

Sparkly glitter bow bracelets are perfect for the holidays and New Year’s Eve

You can never go wrong with a basic red bow

You can never go wrong with a basic red bow

Tis the season with festive bright green

Tis the season with festive bright green

You'll be the talk of the party with these red glitter bow earrings... coming soon!

You’ll be the talk of the party with these red glitter bow earrings… coming soon!

Currently Crafting

I learned to knit and crochet in 2nd grade because my school had a program where the ladies from the nursing home would come during lunch time to teach kids how to knit and crochet once a week. I absolutely loved it. I loved picking all different colors of yarn and just hanging out with the nice old ladies. I also realized I don’t have the patience to make anything worthwhile like blankets or socks, so I put my knitting and crocheting dreams aside for awhile.

One of my favorite mediums for jewelry making is paracord. It’s sturdy, strong, and comes in lots of different colors and patterns. Plus, it sounds pretty badass to say that my jewelry is made of rope that can carry 500 lbs. of weight. I’ve started crocheting paracord and turning it into bracelets and necklaces. I wasn’t sure if I could still do it, but a few google searches and some deep within muscle memory brought my crocheting skills back to life. I love how crocheting the paracord makes everything really chunky, so it’s perfect for statement pieces. Here are a few things I’ve been working on.


Crocheted Paracord Statement Bracelet


Crocheted Statement Necklace

SSD at Randolph Street Holiday Market

If you need to finish your holiday shopping, be sure to come to Randolph Street Market’s Holiday Market on December 15th & 16th. If you have never been to a Randolph Street Market, you should definitely get a chance and check it out. The atmosphere is great with all sorts of amazing vendors selling everything from one of a kind antiques to delicious food. My first time ever exhibiting my jewelry was at the June Randolph Street Market, so it definitely holds a special place in my heart.

The Randolph Street Markets are headed by Sally Schwartz who is a super fun and eccentric person, and if you go you will probably see her running around the show. Check out this great video interview with her on Chitown Fashionista’s Closet Conversations.  Be sure to get your tickets in advance to take advantage of their discounted prices!

Randolph Street Market Pictures

See more pictures and vendors at their Facebook Page!