DIY Button Cufflinks

Today, I am sharing a super simple DIY for cufflinks, and each pair only takes a minute to make! These button cufflinks are the perfect holiday present for the dapper gentleman in your life. Plus, the possibilities are endless, so you can gift these for all sorts of occasions!



What you will need:

-Fabric (medium weight works best)
Button cover kit (3/4 in. buttons)
E600 Glue or another glue for metal
-Cufflink blanks that have a round, flat base that are slightly smaller than your buttons (I purchased mine through Etsy)


First you will need to start with making your buttons. You can use any type of fabric, but I would recommend using a medium weight fabric and to stay away from sheer fabric. You will only need about 2 sq. in. of fabric for each cuff link, so you could just use left over scrap fabric or you can go and buy fabric.

At Joann’s Fabrics, you can get fabric cut to as little as 2 inches which is great for this project. I ended up getting some flannel from Joann’s. I just got 1/4 of a yard of each fabric for $1.50 each. This is actually way more fabric than I need for the cuff links, but I plan on doing another DIY with the leftover fabric.

The button cover kit will come with instructions on the back, and they are very easy and simple to follow.

The button kit will come with a stencil of a circle that you can use to trace your fabric. Once your fabric is traced and cut out, you will align your fabric with the button mold, right side down.

Next, you will put the button blank on top of the fabric and use the little button pusher to push the blank into the mold which ends up wrapping the fabric around the button. You will need to make sure that the excess fabric is wrapped around the button and gathered inside the button.

Take the cap of the button and remove the button hole with your pliers by squeezing the wire and pulling it out. Once you have your flat button cap you will take that piece and push it into the mold with the the button. This may take a few pushes, but you will see when the backing of the button is snapped into the button.

Once your buttons are finished, you will need to glue them into the cuff link blanks. I recommend that you let these dry with the button facing down so that the cuff link blanks don’t move off center as they dry. You should let these dry for a few hours before any heavy handling.

The possibilities really are endless for this project. If your man has a favorite sports team, you can easily find patterned licensed fabric online for this project as well. I also love the idea of using his favorite old shirts to make these cuff links even more sentimental!

I hope that this inspires you to DIY some gifts this holiday season, and I would love to see pictures of your finished cuff links! Just use #SSDDIY on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to share!